Residential Property Inventory Checklist

NDA Home Inventory Checklist

Keep Track of Your Possessions

A home inventory list is a simple way of keeping track of personal possessions such as appliances, clothing, furniture, sports tools, and more. Our easy to follow check list offers everything you need when it comes to keeping track of your personal belongings throughout your home.

Why You Need Home Inventory

Get 50% – 70% of your personal items covered with a home inventory checklist!

Content & Personal Property Coverage

Helps keep track of important contents such as appliances, furniture, electronics, clothing, and more.

Makes Filing A Claim Easier

When you have an updated home inventory checklist you can make filing a claim for your belongings less stressful.

Choose The Right Insurance

Having an accurate list of your possessions helps when making decisions about homeowners insurance coverage.

Avoid Financial Loss

Substantiate your financial losses for tax purposes when you're applying for financial assistance.

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