Our Process

So what does the process with NDA look like?

Our licensed Advocate will analyze your policy, never without your approval to get the optimum claim coverage. They will inspect the property damage in person or virtually and estimate all losses. If you have not notified  your insurance company of the damage, NDA will do so on your behalf. However, we urge you to contact them immediately following an event because many others will be filing claims as well. Your Advocate will negotiate with the insurance adjuster and work tirelessly to settle your claims as quickly as possible.

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Step 1

Damage occurs.

Step 2

Inspect property damage in-person or virtually. Document all damage immediately.

Step 3

Contact your insurance provider.

Step 4

Contact Natural Disaster Advocates.

Step 5

We review your options.

Step 6

We’ll help you File claim. Advocate works on your behalf with claims department(s).

Step 7

Advocate negotiates claims settlement on your behalf.

Step 8

Insurer pays claim.

Step 9

Advocate services are included in the subscription! You keep 100% of your settlement.

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