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Seasonal forecast raised to 9 Atlantic hurricanes, 4 major for 2021, by TSR

June 2, 2021 /// Artemis

Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) has increased its forecast for the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season in its latest update, with the team now predicting 9 Atlantic hurricanes, 4 of which are forecast to be major Category 3 or greater. In fact, the TSR team gives a 59% chance that accumulated cyclone energy (ACE), a measure of tropical activity, will be above-average and a 42% chance that the 2021 hurricane season could be hyperactive.

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How To Inspect Your Roof For Damage

May 2, 2021 /// Higgenbotham

Most people will never venture up onto their roof to see what is going on up there. A home’s roof takes a beating. In the summer it bakes, and the sealant can shrink and expand hundreds of times each year. Making sure your roofing is up to par will save you from costly damage such as mold, water damage, sagging roof lines, pests and much more.

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5 Reasons Not To Bet Against Mother Nature

May 2, 2021 /// CHUBB

Some people believe that the odds of their house being damaged from things like hail, lightning, wildfire, and freezing temperatures are just as big as the odds of picking the perfect bracket. Not so – in fact, the chances of needing to file a claim for your home may be greater as you might think, simply because we are experiencing more natural disasters these days.

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How To Create A Home Inventory

April 30, 2021 /// StateFarm

A home inventory can expedite insurance claims process after theft, damage or loss. But for many, this can seem like an insurmountable and unnecessary waste of time. Here is a great resource on how to go about creating an inventory and why it is so important to have one.

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Billion dollar losses possible from night of large hail in Oklahoma & Texas

April 29, 2021 /// Artemis.bm

Once again a large hail storm event looks set to drive at least economic losses towards the billion dollar mark, perhaps insurance and reinsurance market losses too. Last night, areas of Oklahoma and Texas experienced severe convective storms that drove large hail into metro areas, with hail stones of three-inches diameter and greater reported in some areas.

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