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Why Natural Disaster Advocates?

Natural Disaster Advocates is an independent company providing claims advocacy services to you, the homeowner to get you back on your feet faster. Research shows over 50% of all homes in the United States will be damaged by a natural disaster in its lifetime. Every state is in the path of a natural disaster with the major volume of claims coming from wind and hailstorms. Nearly 43% of US homes and condos are at high risk of a natural disaster. That means, over 35 million homes are at risk of major damage resulting from lighting, flooding, hail, winter storms, tornadoes, storm surge and hurricanes. $5.2 trillion of total losses as a result of natural disasters since 1980 – More than 70% of this total was not insured.


While you may have insurance on your home, that doesn’t guarantee you will receive what you expect to be paid after filing a claim. Natural Disaster Advocates will work for YOU, the homeowner during this claims process. We feel the homeowner should have professionals of their own working exclusively and without conflict when moving through the complicated and at times stressful process of filing insurance claims resulting from damage from a catastrophic event.


And the best part, when the home insurance claim is paid, all of these benefits are included as part of the subscription to NDA, so you keep 100% of the claim settlement…no commission payouts!


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"Global warming has already increased the odds of record hot and wet events happening in 75% of North America,” said Noah Diffenbaugh, a professor of climate science at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.
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An estimated $35 Billion in losses from physical damages are still plaguing Texas. The deep freeze event resulted in burst pipes, widespread blackouts, and water shortages throughout the state.
U.S. experienced 5,392 major hail events, a large increase from 4,610 in 2018.
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Over 50% of US homes will experience a damage causing natural disaster spanning all 50 States.
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43% or nearly 35.8 million US homes and condos are at high risk of a natural disaster.

Claims Scenario

How much will a $100,000 claim cost me if I hire:

Rate Cost
Natural Disaster Advocates 10 Years of Annual Membership $999.50
Independent Insurance Adjuster 10% Commission from Claim Settlement $10,000.00
Law Firm 33% "Contingency Fee" from Claim Settlement $33,000.00
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