Be Prepared<br />Before Disaster Strikes

Be Prepared
Before Disaster Strikes

Get the largest settlement possible
from your insurance company.


Get the Upper hand.

Don’t rely on your insurance company. For $9.95/mo. you have an insurance claims professional fighting to get the money you deserve. Keep 100% of your settlement. Sign up today.

NDA is an Insurance Advocate service that will get you the largest settlement possible under your property policy when your home is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster.

Your Exclusive, Unconflicted Advocate

If you have a home insurance policy and a natural disaster strikes – we provide a personal, dedicated insurance claims professional who works SOLELY on your behalf when you need protection the most.

24 / 7

We’ll be there when you need us the most. One call, email or text to us and your personal advocate will be with you from beginning to end. No run around, no new person every time you call.

Conflicts of

Our insurance advocates work exclusively for you, the insured, and help you with the process of obtaining the largest settlement possible under your policy provisions and limits.

NDA Levels the playing field.

One thing is clear: when it’s professional vs amateur, the professional always wins. Get the upper hand.

Put a professional on your side.

Our insurance claims professionals have an average of 25 years of experience in claims adjustment.

43% of all U.S. homes are at high risk of natural disaster.

You need Natural Disaster Advocates to maximize your settlement.

Put us in your corner and we’ll fight for you – for only $9.95/month.

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NDA Membership

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Other Services Charge

Others May Charge Up To 20%

$64,000 is the average claim for the Top 10 most significant flood events. Other services, such as public adjusters take $6,400 (on average) from your claim.


What is an Insurance Advocate?

An Insurance Advocate is an insurance claims professional that will work for you, and will work directly with your insurance adjuster to settle your claim. Your Advocate will be a licensed Public Adjuster, attorney, or an insurance claims professional working with the attorney who has years of experience in dealing with natural disaster property claims. Your Advocate will make sense of highly complicated property insurance policies so that you, the insured, have the best chance of obtaining the best result under your policy language.

Are there any other fees?

No – $9.95/mo. is all you pay. You do not pay any other fees and you keep 100% of your settlement amount.

How quickly can I be covered?

NDA’s services are estimated to be live in 2020, and are not currently available. However, after launch – as soon as you have purchased a minimum one-year agreement, NDA will swing into action on your behalf with one phone call, text or email.

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What is considered a natural disaster?

NDA considers all of the following to be natural disasters: hurricanes, tornados, lightning strikes, flooding, windstorms, earthquakes, damaging hail and wildfires.

Will my advocate get me more money for my claim?

History has shown that an insurance claims professional on the side of the insured can increase payments by up to 35%. NDA can’t guarantee you will get more money than your policy allows – however, you can feel confident that NDA Advocates will help you understand your policy limits, exclusions and what is needed to obtain the best result on your claim – and your advocate can and will deal directly with the insurance company adjuster, saving you time and stress.

Interested in getting the best settlement possible?

It’s clear: If YOU (the insured) have an insurance claims professional on YOUR side – advocating only for YOU when disaster strikes, you can get a higher settlement.

If this sounds like peace of mind to you, sign up for access.

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