Avoid the horror of having your property insurance claim DENIED or UNDERPAID

You Keep 100% of the Settlement!

Insurance companies get away with underpaying insurance claims because claimants don't know their rights. We've seen this happen too many times, and claimants get stuck paying for their own damage repairs out of their own pocket. Don’t let your insurance company take advantage of you!

Claimants Get UnderPaid Due To:

Lack Of Proper Representation

According to a recent study by OPPAGA, “Homeowners who submitted claims on their own received an average $2,029 vs. an average of $17,187 who had representation which is over an 8 times greater payout!"

Insurance Companies Use Bad Faith Tactics

Many insurance companies are always in the business of making money and many will avoid paying you any insurance claim whenever possible or pay you as little as possible.

Insurance Adjusters Get Paid Based On Quantity NOT Quality

The financial interest of insurance companies are always best served by convincing claimants to accept the lowest possible compensation. Did you know that with proper representation homeowners saw an average increase of 747% in their homeowners’ insurance payout!

Untrained Insurance Adjusters

A recent report put out by McKinsey and Company notes how carriers can increase profit by moving as much as “30% of their workforce to outside vendors”. Most of the time, you're getting untrained adjusters trying to finish the job quickly and move on to the next claim leaving you with far less money than you deserve.

Claimants Don’t Know Their Full Rights

Reading through and understanding insurance documents can be daunting and a complicated process to fully comprehend especially after the stress of a natural disaster.

We Are Here To Help

Before and after a natural disaster strikes we are the helping hand you need. We provide expert help 24/7, 365 days a year.

Call us at 866-947-6566  Or Email us at info@ndamember.com

We Make Sure You Get ALL Your Money

President Joe Biden announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would double the funding available to help cities and states prepare for extreme weather disasters, to $1 billion this year from $500 million in 2020.
"I learned that people don’t know as much as they think they know….. Society has a terrible time preparing for things that are remote but are possible and will occur sooner or later."

Warren Buffett​

"Your most valuable tool is the well-trained claims professional."
Frank Sapio, SVP Claims, Allianz

Natural Disaster Advocates

Your Exclusive, Unconflicted Licensed Professional

If you have a home insurance policy and a natural disaster strikes:

  • We provide a personal, licensed insurance adjuster who works solely on your behalf.
  • Our service is at no additional cost after the subscription.
  • And, allows you to keep 100% of the claim settlement…no commission payout!

From claims filing to negotiating the settlement with your approval, we are there for you. The insurance carriers have their professionals protecting their bottom line… shouldn’t you?

Your Unconflicted Advocate

Watch this video to see how Natural Disaster Advocates can give you that peace of mind!



$ 9 95

  • Billed to your credit card once a month for 12 months giving you peace of mind.

  • Once initial payment is processed there is a 15 day binding period before the services are activated.


$ 99 95

  • Pay for the whole year upfront and receive a discounted rate.

  • Once initial payment is processed there is a 15 day binding period before the services are activated.

NDA services are only available in the following states: Texas (additional states coming soon)

Binding Period:
There is a 15-business day binding period from the time the initial payment processes until the service activates. Any events which may occur during this time are not covered under the service.

Any and all damage which occur to the property and/or occupants which is not a result from a natural disaster. For more information please see what we cover.

Claims Settlement Cost

Example of what a $100,000 claim could cost a homeowner:

If you have a home insurance policy and a natural disaster strikes, the claims and negotiation process can be daunting. Getting help with your claim can eat up 10% (public adjuster commission) to 33% (law firm contingency fee) of your settlement. With NDA, you keep 100% of the settlement…no commission payout!

Rate Cost
Natural Disaster Advocates 1 Year of Annual Subscription $99.50
Public Insurance Adjuster 10% Commission from Claim Settlement $10,000.00
Law Firm 33% "Contingency Fee" from Claim Settlement $33,000.00

NDA Levels the Playing Field

When it’s professional vs amateur, the professional wins. Get the upper hand.


Our licensed insurance professionals are experts in the claims process. This renders faster claims settlement and less paperwork for you to deal with.

24/7 Personal Access

We’ll be there when you need us the most. One call, email or text to us and your personal licensed professional will be with you from beginning to end. No run around, no new person every time you call.

Your Exclusive, Unconflicted Licensed Professional

If you have a home insurance policy and a natural disaster strikes – we provide a personal, licensed insurance adjuster who works solely on your behalf when you need protection the most.

Get the optimum settlement possible

Our licensed professionals understand your policy and are experts in the claims process. This allows them to find and explain all of the opportunities to optimize your claim.

It’s your payout, you should keep all of it

You keep 100% of the claim settlement. 

Certified and Vetted Insurance Professionals

We employ only licensed insurance professionals who are either attorney’s, licensed adjusters, or both.

Best of all after your subscription fee you pay nothing more.

Settlement amount = $100,000

NDA professional fees = $0

You keep = $100,000

*In rare cases you may incur additional fees such as engineers, outside legal,etc.

What We Cover

Older white couple looking over a document

NDA helps you fight for the optimal result from a filed claim as a result of a natural disaster. A natural disaster is defined as a natural or environmental event which causes great property damage or loss of life. We support you with the claims process resulting from the various events.

The claims process can be convoluted and tricky at times. From initial estimates of damage all the way through negotiation with your insurance provider and claims settlement, our licensed professional is by your side the whole way. You can find more here on the steps in the process.

Our Process

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Why Natural Disaster Advocates?

Scientists expect increasingly volatile weather as a result from global warming

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"Global warming has already increased the odds of record hot and wet events happening in 75% of North America,” said Noah Diffenbaugh, a professor of climate science at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.
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An estimated $35 Billion in losses from physical damages are still plaguing Texas. The deep freeze event resulted in burst pipes, widespread blackouts, and water shortages throughout the state.
U.S. experienced 5,392 major hail events, a large increase from 4,610 in 2018.
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Market research shows over 50% of homes will experience a damage causing natural disaster spanning all 50 States.
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43% or nearly 35.8 Million US homes and condos are at high risk of a natural disaster.

Why Insurance Companies should welcome our services:

  1. Our culture does not allow inflated claims
  2. Our culture eliminates fraud
  3. We settle claims quickly and fairly
  4. NDA’s professionals work with your professionals which reduces stress for all parties
  5. We do not have to inflate claims to justify our fee because we do not share in the settlement amount
  6. We eliminate poor data input which creates delays
  7. We strive for a quick and seamless experience

What Are Homeowners Saying?


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